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Bitumen Tank Thermal-Oil Type 20FT

Bitumen Tank Thermal-Oil Type 20FT

Bitumen Tank Thermal-Oil Type 20FT

Delltank supplies a 25,000-litre bitumen tank 20FT ISO bulk with a thermal-oil heating system for PMB bitumen grades. Our Intermodal bitumen tank is separated for four purposes: bitumen tank for bitumen storage, short-sea, deep-sea shipping and rail transportation.

All Delltank tanks are of the highest quality design and construction and conform strictly to the latest international approvals. 

Please note that in certain exceptional cases, the containers operated by Delltank may have specifications that differ from the descriptions above.

Also, cargo in the container must conform to the dimensional regulations and laws stipulated by the host country, thus payload capacity may be affected. For more information or assistance, please contact our customer service. 

  • T3 20FT HC ISO Full Frame Design
  • Design temp. -40°C up-to +200°C / -40°F up-to +392°F
  • Thermal Oil (Hot-Oil) Design heating system
  • 3" and/or 4" Bottom Discharge include 3” Cam-Lock coupling (m) & dust cap
  • Heavy Insulated 50mm
  • Approvals by Lloyd's Register, the Netherlands


BITUMEN TANK THERMAL-OIL: 25000-Litre UN Portable Tank T3 

6058mm x 2438mm x 2896mm high cube, 2.65 bar test pressure, insulated, thermal-oil type,

Year manufactured: New Build

  Metric Imperial
Capacity 25000 LTR 5500 US GALLONS
Maximum Gross Weight 30480 KG 67196 LBS
Tare 5950 KG 13118 LBS
Working Pressure 1.75 bar 25 psi
Test Pressure 2.65 bar 39 psi
Relief Valve Set Pressure 2.2 bar / -0.21 bar/vac 32 psi / -3 vac/psi
Ambient Temp. Range -40°C up-to +200°C -40°F up-to +392°F
Maximum Cargo Temp 230°C 446°F
Shell Material Mild Steel Q345D-GB/T1591-2008, 6,0 mm shell, 8,0 mm dish ends, the head is not less than 7,0 mm after forming.
Design Code / Approvals ASME, Section VIII, Division 1 where applicable and IMDG T3, DOT UK, USDOT, UIC, IMO2, FRA, CSC, ADR, RID, CTC Transport Canada.
Standard Fittings:
Manlid 500mm (20") diameter, 6 point fixing, 14mm x 12mm seal, located centre.
Calibration volumetric chart, nominal capacity 25,000 litres available.
Airline / Vapour 40MM (1½") ball valve, outlet 1½" BSP, s/s screw cap.
Relief Valve 65MM (2½") high flow flanged, operating pressure 2,2 bar. Capacity: 8710m3/hr.
Top Inlet Blanked weld-in flange drilled 6 M12 holes @ 168 pcd, provision for optional fitting of 80mm (3") stainless steel butterfly valve. DN80, ASA 150 bolted blank flange outlet, 80mm (3") removable full-length syphon tube.
Bottom Discharge 100MM 4" ball valve - Outlet 3" BSP Flange with 3" Cam-Lock Coupling and Dust Cap.
Gaskets & Seals Parts in contact with cargo, PTFE/Teflon.
Heating Method:
Thermal-Oil (Hot-Oil) Type 14 pcs 2" seamless steel pipes are fitted at the bottom inside of the tank barrel.
M.A.W.P / Test of Heating Pipe 5 Bar, / 13,5 bar.
Heating Area Tubes 17 m2 / Heating Pipe design temp. 230°C.
Expansion Tank Located under the topside rail of the bitumen tank and it is the solution to the valve-leaking problem caused by heat expansion when shutting off the thermal oil heating system.
Insulation 50MM (2") inorganic Rockwool (CFC free); 1,0 mm aluminium cladding; Thermal conductivity: ≤ 0.044 w/(m2.k).
Document Holder / Earth Is fitted at the rear end, suitable for shipping documents, MSDS etc. Earth located at the rear.
Data Plate / Markings Stainless steel data plate detailing specifications fitted rear end.
Frame The container frame shall be mainly composed of two (2) end frames, two (2) barrel supports, two (2) top side rails, two (2) bottom side rails, four (4) tank supports and eight (8) corner fittings.
Walkway 400MM-wide non-slip steel. One longitudinal walkway and three short transverse walkways at the front and rear and adjacent to the rear of manhole’s spill-box. steel-nets walkways galvanized to 10un thickness.
Handrail (Optional) Intergraded at the top rail.
Temperature Gauge Analogue gauge fitted rear end: -20°C to +300°C. / -4°F to +572°F.
RAL 9005

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